Saturday, February 14, 2009

We're just typical guys....we just happen to sit on our butts all day.

As we move through life, certain people prepare us for certain things. Whether it's how to study for exams, or how to apply to colleges, or even how to prepare for job interviews.

Many in the disabled community are also trained in a way of thinking: we're told never to let our disability get in the way of our dreams. We're reminded that anything in life is possible. And all of that is true. The two of us are living, breathing examples of those beliefs.

But somewhere along the way, the simple things in life were forgotten. We seemed to be left on our own when we had to find the right doctor, or figure out healthy ways to take care of ourselves... you know, the normal, every day routine that is magnified in importance for those of us with a disability.

On these pages, Chris and I will be discussing the everyday things in our lives. We will be a resource for those twenty-somethings who happen to have a disability...and just want a place to turn for some answers (or at least some ideas). We won't shy away from any subject and we'll ask for your input. Working together, this can be a one-stop resource for everything you want to...and some you didn't.

So come on in and enjoy.