Thursday, February 18, 2010

Excuse me ma'am...I'm right here!

Derin, here, Dan's fiancee and Chris's favorite able-bodied Minnesotan. I've been with Dan for almost 6 years, and we often get the assumption that I'm a) his sister, or b) his personal aide. I have yet to give into the temptation to tell them that it's just my turn to let him out of the secret back room to see the real world.

So typical day, we headed to the grocery store, Dan is up at the cash register waiting to pay, and I'm still unloading the cart. Cashier leans all the way around the register to peer down the conveyor belt at me and ask if I have a preferred card, while Dan is sitting right in front of her. Dan looks right at her and hands her his preferred card. Guess those people at Jewel have caught on that people who use wheelchairs can't hold onto a piece of plastic the size of my pinky.

This seems to be a trend in our relationship. How many times has it happened to you?


Quinn said...

They could at least have offered Dan a lollipop.

Kevin Rak said...

When my sister Melanie, who has the bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta, was going to medical school, we went to Mity Nice Grill in the Water Tower Building. They gave her a kids menu and asked our parents what she wanted to eat. Naturally, we've never eaten there again.

johana Schwartz said...

our party of four is provided with 3 menus