Thursday, April 29, 2010

Training in a new personal assistant

As personal assistants come and go, simply finding a new one is not the only challenge. You also need to take the time and effort needed to properly train one in.

The most important thing is to make sure that he or she can take care of your needs. A personal assistant needs to be able to complete your routine each day. They have to be able to help you get positioned in your wheelchair or in bed. Of course, they also need to show that they can be on time, be responsible, and communicate. The specific requirements for a personal assistant are different according to the person they are helping.

A huge part of training a PA involves building trust with that person. After all, it is a relationship which includes trusting your physical well-being largely to someone other than yourself. In all honesty, this takes the most time to develop. It is impossible to know that a person can assist you until they have actually done so a number of times.

It is important to play down any anxiety you may be feeling as you train in a new PA. If you believe that you have hired the right assistant, then that is usually the case. It is not likely that they will drop you, start arguments or crash your wheelchair into the wall. One must also learn to develop and exhibit a large amount of patience with your personal assistant. This will make the transition as easy as possible. Even though I have not covered everything, this should give you a brief overview of the types of things to look for when finding the perfect PA.

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