Monday, April 4, 2011

Spoke benders: Quick hits for the week

We often have readers send us links and articles that they find interesting. Unfortunately, we don't always have time to turn those leads into a lengthy post, but we want to still pass them on to you, our loyal readers. So today is the beginning of a new series, spoke benders, where we'll pass along a series of links that you will probably find fascinating (or not, but we're giving them to you anyway!).

  • Here's the amazing story of Anthony Robles, a one-legged wrestler from Arizona State. Last week, Robles won the NCAA national championship in the 125-pound division while finishing his season 36-0. After graduating, Robles says he plans to travel around the country as a motivational speaker.

  • Based on past experiences, it comes as no surprise that Northwest/Delta Airlines has been fined $2 million by the Department of Transportation for improperly treating passengers with disabilities.

  • This may be the first superhero ever created that uses a wheelchair.

  • Finally, here's our latest entry for the Yahoo! Accessibility blog. It's an updated version of our original Kids Say the Darndest Things post. Enjoy!
If you have any links or articles that you find, please pass them along. You know where to find us!


Quinn said...

Actually, the superhero from that old Fox show M.A.N.T.I.S. was in a wheelchair - although not in his superhero form, which was a powered Iron Man-style suit that allowed him to walk. But there was one episode where he didn't have access to the suit and still managed to pull himself out of some sort of sewer prison and climb all the way up to street level through a manhole, using just his arm strength. That was pretty awesome.

Yeah, I'm guessing I'm the only person who remembers that show.

Derin said...

Quinn, we're going to trust you to know more about that then we do! The coolest thing we found with this superhero is that no one wanted him to use his powers to have the ability to walk. A superhero who was happy with himself exactly as he was, pretty cool!