Saturday, October 15, 2011

I hate when people sit in wheelchairs who don't need them...

While driving to Minnesota from Chicago this summer, we stopped at a McDonalds to use the bathroom and stock up on root beer. As you can see in the photo, a delivery truck parked sideways across 3 handicapped parking spaces. Luckily for us, there was one more available for us to use.

On our way out, we ran into the truck driver who shared this gem with us: "I'm so glad you actually need a space...I hate it when people take up the handicapped spaces when they don't need them!"

Maybe he should look in the mirror? What about people with disabilities that aren't as visible? Maybe they need those 3 spaces he's taking up. Maybe we want to go there as a team after a wheelchair basketball game, but theres only room for one of us now.

Great job McDonalds somewhere near Janesville, WI. You and your delivery man successfully alienated wheelchair users from your restaurant.

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