Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The difference between an Olympian and a Paralympian

Here's another fantastic advertisement sent to us by Dr. Michael Ellman, again featuring Matt Scott (along with Chicago Bull Luol Deng). This one was created by the committee behind Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. It again points out that Paralympic athletes are just as deserving of our respect as their able-bodied counterparts. It seems that slowly but surely, the mainstream media is helping spread the word about the incredible talent of athletes with disabilities.

Please pass along any other videos like this, and I'll be sure to post it on our blog!


Chris said...

Awesome commercial that I forgot about! Pull ups in a wheelchair? Sick! At this point Luol Deng needs a chair most :)

Leslie Cairns said...

Hi Chris and Dan,

Really great writing on your blog. I'm envious. As a new blogger, I like to compare notes... and, you guys are so much more eloquent than I am. As I always say, "I'm linguistically challenged"!

Since I've been making wheelchair blankets, I've been meeting and working with more and more people in wheelchairs in order to develop better products. I feel like my life has been enriched ten fold since taking on this new project. I've just met so many special, strong, and powerful people as a result of the Buggy Bag biz.

I enjoyed the post about talking to your kids... well put.